As with any artform, every tattoo artist has their own “style” in the work they do. When choosing which artist is right for you it’s important to see the work they do and judge if the style that they work in is right for you and fits with the tattoo ideas you have.

The best tattoos are the ones where the artist and the customer (you) see eye to eye on the style and you (the customer) are able to sit back after first discussing your ideas and trust in the artist to do what he or she does best.

As artists we care deeply about the art we create for you, we put our hearts into every piece.
Take a few moments to look through our work here in these galleries, become familiar with the type of work we do and choose which one of us you would like to talk to about your tattoo.

If you’re not sure who you would like to talk to, give us a call and we would be more than happy to discuss it with you and make a recommendation.

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