Amelia Levick joined our lovely tattoo team in August 2022 to work with Kurt Wiscombe as his apprentice. Amelia studied fine art at OCAD University in Toronto where she fell in love with drawing and painting. She loves to draw animals, portraits and fun fantasy type imagery. “I am hugely inspired by the lore and creatures of Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and Science Fiction films. I am also a huge animal lover. When I draw I try to focus on capturing expressions and moments as well as capturing a likeness.”

Amelia is herself a tattoo collector, her experience with her own tattoos helped peak her interest in tattooing as an artist, so that she may share in that experience with others. “I think of my own tattoos like talismans that transform the body. Most of my tattoos inspire me to take risks and be brave (I have a flying squirrel sleeve on my left arm). Getting more tattooed also helped me feel like I had more ownership and autonomy over my body. I began to feel like this vessel was mine to adorn how ever I felt, and other people’s opinions became so much less important than my personal expression. I hope that my art and tattooing can inspire the same feeling in others. Life is too short to spend it trying to blend in.”
We look forward to seeing what new energy and ideas Amelia brings to tattooing!

Check out some of Amelias work…

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Tattooed oranges by Amelia Levick!