From time to time we are lucky enough to have guest tattoo artists work with us.
Keep checking back to see who will be visiting us next or when any of these great artists will be returning. You could also give us a call to inquire about it… (204) 889-3943

Past Guests include:

Chris Wenzel (RIP)– Chris did some amazing tattoos in his life and we had alot of fun working with him! Sadly Chris Wenzel passed away in October 2018, we will never forget the fun times we had with him and the great tattoo work he left behind.
Conrad Berglund– Conrad actually worked with us for over two years! He came back as a guest after moving back out to Alberta, we hope he will come back again sometime soon!
Pat Burke– Pat Burke from Saskatoon came to work with us in April, 2015, we had a great time with him and he did some great work while he was here!
George Brown– We had a great time with George Brown from Toronto who came to work with us a few years ago! George is a cool cat who does some great work, check out some of his work here and give him- (or us) a call or e-mail to ask him about the next time he will be in Winnipeg!
Jamie Macpherson– Jamie is an amazing artist who works in Vancouver. We had a great time working with Jamie, check out his work here.
Danny Gordey– Back in the nineties Danny used to come work with us frequently, he’s an amazing artist and we really enjoyed working with him.
Dave Knight– Dave Knight and Danny Gordey used to work together back in the day and the two of them used to visit us regularly. Dave is an amazing artist he lives out in Vancouver Island now.
Rob Thomas– Rob came to work with us one time for a couple of weeks, we had lots of fun with Rob!
Scott Veldhoen– Scott has come out to work with us on several occasions over the years. Its always a fun time and Scott is a great artist and a good friend! Scott works in Calgary at Eternal Image Tattoo.
Sean Treble– Sean came to work with us many times over the years starting in the nineties. He is well known for his realistic and often psychedelic black and grey work and portrait work. Sean works in Regina at Gaslight Tattoo.
Cory Ferguson– Corey loves doing pointillism tattoos and is a master of it. We have known Corey for many years and always look forward to his visits at our shop usually while he’s in town for tattoo conventions.
Bob Tyrrell– Bob is a master of portraiture and a great guy, he’s an amazing guitar player as well! We have known Bob for many years and have worked with him at conventions and other places over the years. We always look forward to his visits at our shop!
Forrest Makay and Dani Zarycki– A dynamic tattoo couple from Edmonton, they’ve been to our shop a few times. Forrest’s Instagram-
Dani’s Instagram-
Chet Spriggs– An amazing artist from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Chet loves doing Japanese inspired work, we always have a fun time when he comes to visit!
Dan Jones– Dan is a fabulous artist who works in Brighton, U.K.. Dan came to work with us for a few days after attending the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention in 2023. Check out his Instagram…
Victor Miranda- Victor also came to work with us for a few days after the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention. He works at Rites of Passage Tattoo in Saskatoon. Check out Victor’s Instagram Page-
Nick Lecluyse– Nick works in London, Ontario at Addictive Tattoo. He came out to work with us a for a few days in 2023. Check out his work on his instagram page-

Tattoo by Bob Tyrrell done at Tattoos for the Individual
Cory Ferguson tattooing at Tattoos for the Individual