While the world endures the Covid-19 Pandemic, we at Tattoos for the Individual in concert with all tattoo studios in Manitoba have implemented several additional protocols specific to helping prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our community.
*Please note the following temporary measures which we have implemented:

1- We are working strictly by appointment which means we are not taking walk-ins. We typically don’t take walk-ins anyway. Since the work we do is custom tattooing, we meet with everyone beforehand for a consultation. This is so that we can work with you to design the tattoo you are looking for and to go over the details before booking. Once the consultation is over you can at that time book an appointment to have the actual tattoo work done.

2- All booked clients must be pre-screened before arrival at the studio. This will be done in advance of your appointment via telephone where we will ask you questions about your current health and whether or not you’ve traveled outside of Manitoba for the two week period before your appointment. At this time we will also explain the protocols which are in place for when you arrive at the shop.

3- Please observe the following protocols upon arrival at the studio:
-When you arrive at the studio for your appointment we will require you to wear a mask.
-We will ask that you disinfect your cell phone as you arrive by means of wiping it down with an alcohol swab which we will provide for you.
-We will ask you to wash your hands with soap and water before touching anything in the studio as well we will ask you to apply hand sanitizer.
-We will guide you as you arrive, if in doubt of what to do just don’t touch anything and ask one of us what to do.

4- We ask that you come alone to your appointment. We know that bringing a friend or family member with you is sometimes a part of the experience and we wish that we could still allow that to happen but for now we must unfortunately insist you come alone to your appointment.

5- We ask that you respect social distancing while at the shop and be mindful of good hygienic practices while you are at the studio.

6- We are happy to explain anything regarding this to you, don’t hesitate to call ahead if you have questions. (204) 889-3943.

The measures listed here are up to date and will be updated as things relax and life returns to normal.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with us during this time, together we can beat this scourge that has invaded our lives.